Here are 3 ways you can work with Urban Doxology:

1. Worship Leading

2. Worship Training Workshops

3. Music Production



Urban Doxology "Worship Experiences" give people a vision for what a reconciled community worshiping together could look like and provides a shared experience for people to talk about. Worship Experiences are 60-90 minutes long and include original songs written during our urban songwriting summer internships as well as covers of more familiar worship songs.


worship training workshops

Principles of an Urban Doxology: What does worship look like for a church that is economically, educationally, and culturally diverse? In this workshop, we will explore the guiding principles of worship for communities that facilitate reconciliation across dividing lines.

Songwriting for Community Transformation:  In this workshop, we will explore practical ways to write songs for your community’s context that are theologically rich, culturally contextualized, and musically excellent. This spiritual practice has been transformative for our community, and we pray that it will be transformative for your community.

Vocal Techniques & Vocal Arrangement: Many local church worship teams are made up of volunteers who have not had a lot of professional vocal training. Singing leads and blending background vocals can be very challenging depending on the level of skills and experience of your team. In this workshop, we will be exploring best practices for singing lead vocals, background vocals, blending, and vocal arrangements.

Musicianship & Music Arrangement: Worship chord charts tend only to have lyrics and chord symbols with little to no guidelines for musical interpretation. What should the keyboard player do? What should the guitar players do?  What should the drummer and bass player do? Should they only do what’s on the recording or something else? How should a worship band develop their skills as individuals and as a group? In this workshop, we will teach musicianship and music arrangement skills.


music production

If you like the Urban Doxology "sound," we produce all of our own music. Our team is made of people who play everything from classical, jazz, gospel, folk, and rock to other forms of popular music. 

If you want us to produce your next worship project, please let us know. We only take on projects from people who are serious about producing quality music that is theologically sound.  


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