urban songwriting internship

The Urban Songwriting Internship is an intensive eight-week leadership development program offered in partnership by Arrabon and East End Fellowship. Interns participate in a learning experience of the following subjects: 1) biblical theology and exposition 2) worship studies with a focus on multicultural worship 3) race, class and culture 4) songwriting and 5) community engagement.

Interns will spend the remainder of their time writing songs, rehearsing music, and planning worship for a congregation in the urban context.

Interns are expected to be active participants in the East End Fellowship and Church Hill community of Richmond, VA. They’ll engage in neighborhood events and build meaningful relationships with EEF families and community members.

Eligibility and Qualifications

We are looking for enthusiastic applicants who will make the most of this unique opportunity! Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25. Hiring decisions are based on the applicant’s demonstrated interest and self-discipline, ability to live in Church Hill for eight weeks, past work/internship experience, extracurricular activities, and video or audio submission. Skill in at least one instrument (including voice) and demonstration of an aptitude for songwriting is crucial. Interns with the ability to sing are strongly encouraged to apply. Only serious and dedicated applicants should apply.

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participation expectations

Interns are expected to:

  • Reside in Church Hill for the duration of the 8-week internship. Interns will be provided housing with “host families”. Host families are usually members of the East End Fellowship worshiping community.
  • Engage in cultivating relationships with their host families, fellow interns, and the East End Fellowship worshiping community.
  • Write music in a structured environment.
  • Complete all tasks as assigned by Program Director.  
  • A car is not required, but interns are encouraged to bring a car if they are able.

study program requirements

Interns are expected to:

  • Fully participate in the study program. This involves reading assignments, thoughtful participation in discussions, submitting response papers, and blogging.
  • Attend all lectures, writing sessions, rehearsals and meetings, daily and on time.
  • Read at least 150 pages of text per week, often more.  Reading materials will be provided, and there will be some pre-arrival reading material required as well.
  • Submit nightly written responses.
  • Bring a laptop, iPad or other device with recording capabilities that can be used for note-taking and has the ability to access the internet.

Fundraising requirements

Interns are required to:

  • Participate in a level of fund development (necessary training and support will be provided).
  • Raise support to cover the costs of studio time, the final concert, and additional expenses
  • Engage in fundraising efforts both prior to arriving in Church Hill and during the course of the internship

frequently asked questions

1. Is it paid?

Yes, $1500.

2. Can I have a job in addition to the internship?

Interns are strongly discouraged from working outside jobs. We’ve found it’s difficult for interns to be fully present when working an outside job in addition to the internship.

3. What if I’ve never written a song before?

That’s fine! We still encourage you to apply. We’ll develop those songwriting skills throughout the course of the program.

4. Why is an urban songwriting internship a good investment of my time?

Check out this article to read about how the internship is impacting lives.

5. What is the application deadline?

April 15! We look forward to reviewing your applications and will notify you of your status shortly after the application deadline.